When Should You Pay Your Au Pair?

by Gill_admin.

This morning we were asked by one of our 1st time hosting families for advice on when they should pay their Au Pair. The lucky au pair girl will move in with this kind family today.

It is up to the host family whether they prefer to pay their Au Pair in advance, or at the end of the week’s work – as is normal for employed people*.

However, our preference is to pay our own Au Pairs in advance.

This is for several reasons:
■ The Au Pair will have pocket money to use from the outset, so she/he can start getting out and meeting new friends and settling in as soon as possible.
■ It promotes Good Will between the Au Pair and Family (essential for a successful placement)
■ If you are ever a few days late in paying your Au Pair, then you are not technically late – as you are always paying early!

But it is important to make sure your Au Pair remembers throughout the placement that she/he is being paid in advance. I was careless with this once which lead to one au pair believing she was due another week’s pocket money at the end of the placement – she had genuinely forgotten then I had paid her throughout the year in advance.

*Au Pairs are not employees, they are- temporarily at least- part of your family.