What are people saying about Heavenly?

A few testimonials…


Professional and efficient au pair agency! I registered with four au pair agencies – and Heavenly was the most professional (responsive team, efficient communications, drop box facility). I found a candidate which was a great fit for our brief. The team initially proposed candidates that didn’t meet my requirements but quickly refined the search to find a great match. I am very grateful given the recent shortage of au pairs. Thank you!

Mrs W of West London (August, 2017)


I’ve used Heavenly Au Pairs to help me find a French au pair. This proved to be a challenge to find one who was willing to work with us for a year. However Heavenly were up to the challenge and they successfully found me a wonderful au pair.
Throughout the time working with them they were very prompt and professional. I strongly recommend them.

Mr. A.W of North West London (July, 2017)


Dear HAP team,
For the 5th year running, I will rely on you to help me find my dream au pair 🙂 Have always been super happy with all the au pairs I found through you so I am hopeful this year will be no different! I have already updated our family profile below. Please feel free to email me some suitable au pair profiles 🙂
Warm regards,
Mrs O.L.  (Happy Heavenly client, West London) May 2017

German au pair Deike :


“Hi Heavenly,

…..Although I got home again and it feels great being in the familiar suroundings, whenever I see round abouts in parks here I still here Elliot asking me “go fast?” or when I see stars at the night sky or these german cinnamon star shaped biscuits I still hear hin humming “twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are…” I miss my little brother in London, but I’ll definitely visit them next year!!

And I want to say Thank You sooooooo much for all the help Heavenly Au Pairs has been, you’ve helped to make the most amazing experience of my life!


Deike :)”     December 2015

What the Families are saying….. :

“Dear Isabel,

We have been very impressed with the quality of au pairs that you have sent through. They all have lots of relevant experience” -Emma, mother of 2, Herts.


“I want to say I have been very impressed with your level of work. Quick, helpful and the candidates were very good. I will most definitely recommend you to all my friends who are looking for au pairs/mothers help.” Rachel, mother of 2, Reading, Berks.


“Anneleen is lovely. Thank you for finding her” – Claire, mother of 2, South West London.

“J is awesome, she’s very chatty and happy and gets on well with L*, who already adores her. She has settled well, and participates with family life, meals etc. She wants to learn to cook so we are working on that and she is going to English classes, which frankly she doesn’t need but are an excellent social enabler! We are very impressed with how she has created a big circle of friends already, and we hope she is happy enough to stay until late next year. Hope you’re well, many thanks for placing J* with us!” – Emma, mother of 1 North London

“All going well with Davi. She seems very enthusiastic and is bonding well with us and C*”. Georgie mother of 1, Chelsea

“Oh my God! She is AMAZING!! I think she might be even better than wonderful A****!! Thank you thank you thank you!! ” – Gracey, mother of 3 Gloucestershire

“I feel spoilt I really do. Thank you for your ongoing efforts”……”thanks again, she is perfect!” – Aryan father of 4 S/W London

“Helga arrived safely and is absolutely “spot on” – bubbly, friendly and eager to get involved ” – Paul, father of 3 Berkshire

“Everything is going so well with Patri, she is just lovely and doing such a good job of settling in especially as its been such an unusually busy week for us”. – Tiffany, mother of 2 South London

“She’s getting on well with the kids and is very warm and friendly. She volunteered to come to a big family party with us yesterday and was so interested and enthusiastic, everyone thought she was great”. – Vicki, mother of 2 North London

“I want to say how thrilled we are with B*, having her in the house has made us realise what a good au pair is actually like! She is a great young lady with a terrific personality and attitude.” – Katherine, mother of 2 London

“I just wanted to thank you so much for all your help and your endless patience! You have been brilliant and it has been a real pleasure finding an au pair through you.” “I’m sure I will be in touch with questions further down the line!” – Beatrice mother of 2, Fulham

“Everything has been great with Sina, she has been a huge success. I am definitely getting another au pair, I think I might have found someone through a friend but if it doesn’t work out I will be in touch for your help”. – Tara mother of 3, Surrey

“Gill -Thank you. You have a very calming influence! ” – Bea mother of 2, South West London

“Dear ladies,
– Apologies for the group e-mail, but I have a very good au pair agency recommendation for those of you who need child care. I was in a complete bind (nanny quit suddenly) and Gill at heavenly au pairs has made completely amazing efforts on our behalf (she was recommended by a supper club member!!!). I would totally recommend her completely professional service. https://www.heavenlyaupairs.com/ ” – Anna mother of 2, Putney

“Thank you Gill for all your help! We can relax now.” – Carina mother of 2, Sussex

“I will be in touch again next time I am looking, and in the meantime I will recommend your agency to my friends.” – Kubie mother of 2, Lancs.

“Many thanks again for everything and regardless of our final decision, the ‘finders fee’ will be on your desk!”
A week later:
“I would like to thank you for everything you have done. You have made a sterling effort on our behalf and you must forward on invoice details to me. I have a couple of networks of ladies, I am going to recommend you to now and hopefully some of them will need your services soon! I feel I owe you somewhat of a large drink and Irish style knees up, so if you are ever up for such a night, let me know!”
– Anna, south west London (after she found out that she no longer needed childcare)

“Gill – you were right. I loved her.” – Kellie mother of 3, Barnes

“I have just spoken to all three girls: Agnieszka, Viktoria and Jule. They were all absolutely lovely and I’m sure they are all suitable for the position.
I wish I had heard about your agency when I first started using au pairs” -Victoria mother of 2, Manchester

“Just to say thanks for connecting the au pairs today. Anais is looking forward to meeting others and creating a social life which is great. She has made a very positive start here and we hope London life and our family will fit. She is impressed with all the help that you are giving her too…..So all good and thanks again.” – Hilary, mother of 3 Wandsworth

“Things are going very well and Marion is lovely.” – Annabelle mother of 2, Wandsworth

“We had been wondering for several years whether to get an au pair, but, were nervous about the potential ‘cons’ of someone living in – either that they would never leave the house or that they might go out all the time only to return at all hours of the night disturbing our very precious sleep. Also possibly I was slightly nervous about the fact that our parenting style with all its bribes, inconsistencies and making rods for our own backs would be exposed, and I wondered if au pairs were only truly successful in families where things and the kids were very textbook and in strict routines etc!

The very positive experience of a friend who found her lovely au pair through Heavenly Au Pairs swung it for us. When I contacted Heavenly Au Pairs, Gill was very positive and reassuring that the right person could be found who would fit in with us. For me, the most important quality for an au pair was to find someone who would genuinely enjoy being with my children. I was surprised by how quickly and efficiently the process worked – I had expected it would take longer and involve more ‘to-ing and fro-ing’.

Having received my ‘family profile’, Gill contacted me a day or two later to say she had found a lovely Italian girl whom she felt would suit us. She had already showed her our family profile, and she was apparently interested in us too. Gill had already interviewed her by skype, before forwarding us her CV. She sounded a good match for us on paper. It was then up to me to contact the au pair. I did so slightly nervously, and was delighted to have a very pleasant conversation with a very nice, enthusiastic young woman whom I felt I got on with as much as you can in a phone call.

The service that Gill aims to offer is ‘the right au pair for your family’ so she does all the groundwork, sifting through all the CV’s/and initial interviewing for you. (Before approaching Heavenly Au Pairs I knew from the grapevine that Gill’s name usually cropped up in relation to people who always seemed to have ‘successful au pair experiences’). Also I now understand that this is a different game – a good au pair is probably choosing you as much as you are choosing her, hence the need to be decisive. I offered her the job and I was expecting the agreement of a start date to be potentially time-consuming but our au pair booked her flight and arrived within one week.

Without wishing to tempt fate, I feel we have struck gold. Our au pair is delightful, mature beyond her 19 years, very flexible and can-do with our ever-changing plans, playdates and activities and is lovely with the children (who are not always easy). I am surprised and impressed at how easily she slotted into life with our family and how she has taken life in a foreign city and culture in her stride. One thing our au pair says that drew her to us, is that the our family profile was very detailed, and as well as the good things about our family, we tried to be honest about shortcomings and the areas where we felt we were struggling and how we hoped the au pair might help us, as well as outlining daily responsibilities – so that she felt she had a realistic picture of what she was coming to.

When our au pair decides to move on (and I really hope she might extend the period she is due to stay),
I will definitely use Heavenly Au Pairs again, and I recommend them without hesitation.”

Charlotte White, London SW15.