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Heavenly Nanny Agency has everything you might need to find and hire a Nanny in London or the UK, as well as supporting them throughout their employment. If you are a Nanny, we can help you find the right employer, and guide you through the employment process. 

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Heavenly’s Service

Heavenly is proud to offer a first class Nanny Agency service in London and throughout the UK and is a member of  ANA – the Association of Nanny Agencies. Our aim is to help you to find the best nanny for your family, within the shortest time, as effortlessly as possible. At Heavenly Nannies, we apply our own high criteria, as well as yours, to each and every search. We draw on previous experience of thousands of placements to offer you the best advice, the best nannies and the best nanny service possible. Our experienced Heavenly Nannies team will respond to all your questions and requests quickly and will be pro-active in offering you helpful tips and advice.

Whether you are looking for a permanent or temporary Nanny, Live in or Live out Nanny, or a part-time or full-time Nanny, we are the experts. The placement team knows your time is precious and your expectations high so we aim to meet and surpass these. Our customers see this too and we are rated 4.7 /5, based on 66 Google Reviews.

If you are a Nanny looking for an agency to help you find your next role, then check our available Nanny jobs in London and the UK on our Nanny Jobs Page.

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What is a Nanny?

N4 smiley Nannies - Nanny Agency Londonannies are child-carers with a solid amount of experience with children and often childcare training and/or childcare qualifications.

They often work long hours, starting early in the morning and continuing until 6 or 7 pm. But the work is well paid and enjoyable! The majority of Nannies prefer to work full time for one family, but many do split their week between two, particularly if they are a Live out/Daily Nanny

Live in Nannies

You might prefer to employ a Live-in Nanny (Residential Nanny) if you can accommodate an employee living in. This way, the nanny will always start on time, and can cover at the end of the day should the parents’ be delayed. The accommodation provided, sometimes a nanny annexe, is usually of a high standard and is an arrangement that can suit Nannies too. Because of the high cost of living in/around London and other prime locations in the UK, living in is attractive for a Nanny too. Furthermore, it saves on wasteful commuting time and expenses!

Daily/Live out Nannies

Otherwise, a Live out Nanny, might be more suitable due to lack of space or privacy. Many Nannies prefer not to live in close proximity with their employers. Live out Nannies are also referred to as ‘Daily Nannies’

Duties of a Nanny


The list below with give you a good idea of the tasks Nannies can be expected to do. You will notice that they are all child-focused.

  • Prepare healthy meals and snacks for the children, with appropriate sized portions.
  • Keep the children entertained with age-appropriate, stimulating activities.
  • Support the children in their development & education, such as reading books to younger children, taking them to adventure playgrounds and helping older ones with homework/ prep.
  • Arrange trips and playdates with the children’s friends, both at home and away.
  • Cleaning and tidying up after the children and their bedrooms.
  • Taking care of children’s laundry, washing clothes & bedding, ironing. Any sewing of children’s clothes or buying new clothes when required.
  • Cleaning toys and equipment used by the children.
  • Bathing the children and putting them to bed.
  • Possibly be available to babysit – by separate agreement and paid separately.
  • Due to many parents working long hours, Nannies can be required for children whom traditionally may have been considered too ‘old’ to have a Nanny. Instead of nursery duties they might carry out normal parental duties during the daytime, ferry between school and clubs, assist with homework, provide security and be an important friend and confidante.

A Nanny is a professional who looks after children.  She or he is not a cleaner, nor a housekeeper.

How much are Nannies paid?

A Nanny’s pay varies greatly depending on the Nanny’s experience, skills, qualifications and local knowledge, along with the particular job specifications. A Nanny who has been working for a family in one locality for a number of years, will be highly sought after by other families in that area. This is because they will have gained useful local knowledge and connections and will know where the best toddler groups or baby music groups are. Furthermore, this Nanny will possess a good network of other Nannies with whom they can arrange ‘playdates’ for the children.

A Nanny who has good local knowledge with excellent experience, references and qualifications can earn £800+ per week. Some of our London Nannies are paid up to £1,000 per week – a very attractive Nanny salary! However, they are often ‘on call’ or may be required to work at weekends. We suggest that a salary of between £15-20 gross per hour is fairly standard for a Nanny. newborn-1328454

However, Nannies are employees and the cost of their salary and associated taxes, pension and National Insurance contributions can make them unaffordable for many families. Heavenly offers other childcare options, which might be more viable for you, depending on the job and children’s ages. Heavenly Nanny Agency London can offer Junior Nannies, even Au Pairs, if the position suits. Get in touch if you have any questions – we would be happy to discuss what the right childcare option is for your family.

What other Nanny options do I have?

Heavenly Nannies has a range of Nanny candidates to fit every position. Should you have any questions, then the Heavenly Agency team in London is available to discuss your Nanny role in more detail.

Junior Nannies

Like Nannies, Heavenly’s Junior Nannies have a strong interest in working with children. They already have childcare experience and sometimes childcare training and/or qualifications. Many are native English speakers from UK, Australia or New Zealand and may be young and starting out as junior nannies. We also have Junior Nannies from countries where English is not their first language, such as Spain, Hungary or Poland.

There are advantages with both categories. Families who are keen to ‘effortlessly’ introduce their children to a second language when they are young, might like a candidate who is a non-native speaker. Young children find language learning easier, and those who are exposed to a 2nd language strengthen their executive functions and have fitter brains. Some families prefer a native English speaker instead, to reduce the risk of any misunderstandings and to assist with the children’s English. If the children require support with their school work, then a native English speaking nanny may be more appropriate.

Who typically applies to be a Junior Nanny?

  • From the European continent, eager to work with children and gain fluency in English, keen to pursue a career as a teacher or nursery school teacher and already have experience, training or a degree in that area.
  • From Australia, New Zealand, Canada with childcare experience and often training and/or childcare qualification. These candidates are much sought after by our families due to the fact that they are native English speakers. However, they may lack local knowledge, meaning they often command a lower weekly salary than established Nannies. This can make employing them more affordable!
  • Through our partnerships with Nanny training colleges and Nanny agencies in Australia and New Zealand, we can offer experienced Nannies with TAFE or New Zealand National Nanny Certificates. If they do not have a second EU/UK passport (many do!), they obtain either the Youth Mobility Visa (2 year stay) or an Ancestral visa (5 year stay).
  • British natives/residents who are new in their career as a Nanny.

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Nanny Housekeeper

A Nanny Housekeeper combines the roles of Nanny and Housekeeper. Please bear in mind, though, that they cannot perform both tasks at the same time, particularly if you have young children. The Nanny Housekeeper can only perform housework duties when not looking after your children, or if your children are slightly older and do not require the close supervision and engagement necessary for younger children. Nanny Housekeepers are often paid more than Nannies due to the increased number of responsibilities and skills required.

Nanny PA

girl-511883A Nanny PA candidate is becoming more and more popular with our families. They are particularly sought after for school-aged children, where the Nanny has ‘spare’ hours in the middle of the day. Nanny PAs can help organise family life, such as taking clothes to the dry cleaners, making appointments for the children/parents, ordering shopping, taking care of small administration tasks and organising quotes for plumber/ electrician etc. As with the Nanny Housekeeper, their focus will be the children – only when the children are at school/ taking a nap, would the Nanny PA be attending to the other tasks.

Bilingual Nanny

A Bilingual Nanny is a Nanny who speaks two languages very well and will use these skills to help your children learn or maintain a language. They might speak Spanish and English, or French and English, and speak with the children in both languages, or just one, as required. These candidates are especially sought after by families who also speak multiple languages and would like this to continue with their Nanny’s help. Otherwise, a family who has English as their main language at home, might like to introduce a language to their children at a young age. What ever the reason, Bilingual Nannies will also have childcare experience behind them and some have a special interest in teaching languages. If they do have language qualifications, then they generally look for a higher weekly wage.

Simple steps to employ a Heavenly Nanny

Once you have decided which Nanny candidate is most suitable for you, you can register with Heavenly Nanny Agency London online. You will then receive a confirmation email with information about the next steps and about our service. If you have any questions before or after registering, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Once we have your registration, we can begin the search for your Heavenly Nanny. First we check our books for good candidates who suit your requirements, then we interview the candidates and simultaneously check if they would like to apply for the position. We also place adverts on our website and on other sites popular with Nannies. These generate considerable interest! We never use any identifiable client information, such as photos or names etc.

To save you time reading CVs, we always check with the Nanny candidates first to make sure they are interested in your role. As soon as we have interviewed a candidate whom fits your description and preferences, we will send you their initial application. We also write you a short synopsis about why we believe them to be a good candidate for you. We assist you with arranging interviews and trials with the candidates you are interested in, once you have confirmed your interest.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for Families:

Does the National Minimum Wage apply to live-in Nannies?

Employees must be paid the national minimum wage. The hourly rate depends on a few factors, such as the individual’s age:

  • £8.21 for workers aged 25 yrs and over
  • £7.70 for workers aged 21-24
  • £6.15 for workers aged 18-20
  • £4.35 for workers aged 16- 17

N.B. These rates are current as of April 2019, and will increase April 2020.advert-84408

Residential Nannies/Live-in Nannies could be exempt from minimum wage regulation provided they:

  • Live as part of the family household, where there is no deduction from wages for accommodation or food.
  • Are treated as a member of the family (who share in the work and leisure activities)
  • Are not provided with separate accommodation.

If you provide separate accommodation for your employee, there is an accommodation offset available. This is currently £52.85 p/w, or £7.55 per day.

Self employed individuals are also exempt from National Minimum Wage regulations. However, a Nanny working for one employer is likely not self employed.

If you are unsure whether your live-in nanny will be exempt from the national minimum wage, please seek advice from a specialist employment lawyer. For further information about minimum wage, see here and also here.

Does Heavenly Nanny Agency London interview the candidate in person?

Heavenly interviews the candidates over skype otherwise over Facetime or by phone. We do not interview candidates in person or make home visits, which is one of the reasons why we are able to offer our high level bespoke service at a fraction of the fee of our competitors’.

What happens if we are not happy with our chosen Nanny?

Heavenly’s Candidate selection process is rigorous. You will also have many chances to interview the potential Nannies, check references etc., before offering the candidate the position. However, sometimes there is simply a mis-match between personalities. For this reason, Heavenly offers a free replacement period of 28 days. During this time, if you wish to select a replacement candidate, please notify us by email. See our Terms & Conditions for full details.

Does the Nanny have to be OFSTED registered?

No, it is not a requirement, unless you wish to claim childcare tax credits or if you use childcare vouchers.

How much do we pay the Nanny?

This will depend on the working hours, number of children and their ages (higher pay for looking after babies, toddlers and young children), and the Nanny or Junior Nanny’s experience and skills. You will decide (with our help if needed) approximately how much you will pay when we start our search. We will finalise this before the paperwork/nanny contract is drawn up. We advise that you pay your nanny fairly, or at the current market rate, ensuring that both sides are happy. Our experience is that Nannies who receive the current market rate, tend to stay longer with a family.

How do we pay a Nanny?

You simply pay your Nanny a pre-agreed weekly or monthly salary directly to their bank account.

Is there anything else we need to do?

Yes, as employers you have legal obligations regarding tax and employment law. However – do NOT panic! We work with a top nanny payroll company, Nanny Tax, who specialises in Nannies and domestic staff. They cover all the payroll requirements for you for a low annual fee. See here for a wealth of information by our partners at Nannytax.

Your legal obligations as an employer are to:
  1. Check that the Candidate is allowed to work for you in the UK before you employ them.
  2. Only pay your Nanny into her/his bank account.
  3. Provide an Employment Contract. Heavenly will supply sample contracts.
  4. Register as an employer with HMRC, if you pay your employee £116 or more per week (£503 per month / £6,032 per year).
  5. Pay for your Nanny’s tax contributions, if their salary is above the current threshold (thresholds change each tax year).
  6. Both Employer and Nanny will need to pay National Insurance Contributions (NI)
  7. Employers need to give their Nannies a payslip regularly.
  8. Pay full-time staff for 5.6 weeks holiday per year (28 days), including all 8 UK bank holidays. Part-time staff will have a different holiday entitlement, which you can calculate here.
  9. Set up a pension scheme for a Nanny who earns more than £10,000 and is 22 years or older. More information can be found here.
  10. During the first month of work the notice period is one week, thereafter it can be longer, as pre-agreed with your Nanny.
  11. If your Nanny becomes pregnant while employed by you, she will be entitled to maternity leave and pay.
  12. Ensure that your household insurance covers employers insurance and public liability insurance. Your employee also needs to be covered by a current public liability insurance. Heavenly can recommend several companies who specialise in these insurances.

How do we pay Heavenly Nannies Agency?

Heavenly charges a small ‘Search Activation Fee’ to begin the search for your Heavenly Nanny (£40+vat). We only charge this once have started to send you candidates. Thereafter, we will only invoice for our main fees once you have chosen your Heavenly Nanny (and they have accepted!). Our fees are described comprehensively on our T’s & C’s page.

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What needs to be included in the Nanny Employment Contract?

  • Name of employer and name of Nanny
  • Any address where the Nanny will be required to work
  • Job title
  • Live-in or live-out arrangements.
  • Start date and contract end date if not open-ended
  • Hours of workfamily-457235
  • Duties
  • Weekly or monthly salary
  • Holiday entitlement
  • Sick pay
  • Pension arrangements
  • Notice period
  • Details of disciplinary steps and sack-able offences

Furthermore, you may wish to include in your contract these further details, to avoid future misunderstandings

  • What happens during family holidays
  • Any benefits
  • Use of car or payment if the candidate uses their own car
  • Any meals included
  • Date when the salary will be reviewed
  • Insurance arrangements
  • Any house rules, including Nanny inviting friends
  • Babysitting arrangements

N.B. We send you our standard, complimentary Nanny employment contract, once the offer letter is signed and the agency fee settled.

Heavenly Nannies – For Candidates

Heavenly Nannies agency is based in London, but we service the whole of the UK and can help you find a Nanny position, no matter your location. Register now to find the best Nanny jobs around!

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Information for Nanniesboy-1397818

Being a nanny is rewarding and enjoyable work for those with a genuine love of children. This is a career that you might choose to do for a few years or for decades. While nannies usually work long hours, it is financially very rewarding.

Nannies approach this career in different ways. Traditionally, someone choosing a career as a nanny would attend a specialised college, such as the Norland Nanny College. These days though, candidates enter the childcare sector with a combination of qualifications, practical training and work experience, or through a junior role in a kindergarten or as a babysitter. A number of nannies gained their first longer term childcare experience as an au pair.

Nannies may live-in with the family or live-out. Both types of position have their own advantages and disadvantages. We are happy to discuss these with you.

If you don’t want to spend a few years in full time training to be a Norland Nanny, then you can instead study childcare through OCN (Open College Network) and Cache (Council for Awards in Childcare, Health and Education). See more about this below.

Heavenly Nannies can advise you about which position might be ideal for you or how you can progress in to a Nanny career. Simply get in touch with the agency team in London and we will come back to you with our advice on becoming a Nanny soon after.

Can I work as a Nanny in the UK?

model-1007191You need to check that you have the right to work in the UK. You should either be a citizen of an EEA (European Economic Area) country or be eligible for a working visa, youth mobility visa or ancestry visa.

We welcome experienced Nannies from outside the UK, as well as British nannies, as long as you have the right to work here. In particular, we work with many Nannies from New Zealand and Australia, who combine their chosen career with their pursuit of an Overseas Experience.

You should also have:
  • proven track record of good childcare experience and training/ qualifications and be able to care for children unsupervised.
  • references for your work and character and copies of any qualifications you hold.
  • skills and experience to be in charge of all aspects of children’s daily care.
  • A DBS check or police check. It is illegal for anyone who has been barred by the DBS to work with children. You will need to apply for the Enhanced DBS check if you are a UK resident. However, if you are new to the UK, please show your equivalent police report from the country where you have been living.
  • Families prefer basic first aid training. We can put you in touch with a top company specialising in training courses for Nannies.
  • Public Liability Insurance. This protects you in case something happens during your working hours, either to you or to the children whilst they are in your care. This is around £70 per year and Heavenly can recommend a suitable insurer.
  • National Insurance number. You need to apply for a National Insurance numberif you do not already have one.

What training or skills are families looking for?

The more training and skills you have, the more interested families will be. They will also pay you more accordingly! Criteria that will make you more ‘valuable’ to one of our families is:

  • Relevant experience. It is also better to work for 1 or 2 families for a longer time rather than have lots of short term jobs.
  • Your references. You should be able to provide at least 2 good references, if not more.
  • First aid and Childcare qualification or training (see below for qualifications).
  • OFSTED registeration.
  • If you are a confident driver, with no driving accidents.
  • Cooking skills.
  • Academic skills – families prefer someone who can help school-aged children with their school work at home (homework).
  • English ability. The more fluent, the better.
  • If you are flexible. In case a parent sometimes returns home a little later than planned. Someone who does not have too many fixed commitments outside of work is a bonus.
  • Your availability. Most families want someone who plans to stay with them long term, i.e. 2 years or more.
  • Your musical or sporting abilities. Families want to encourage these skills in their children.
  • You are polite, smiley, well-mannered and generally give the impression of being hard-working, competent and reliable.
  • 100% honest, trustworthy and dependable. Parents will be leaving you in charge of their home and children. If they ever have reason to doubt your trustworthiness, then their working relationship with you could also be in doubt.

UK Childcare Qualifications for Nannies

Parents will favour Nannies with formal training/qualifications. Here are some of the main qualifications that child-carers may have gained:

  • NVQ in Child Care and Education or in Early Years Care and Education. Level 3 is the most valuable, which qualifies a candidate for unsupervised (sole) care. Candidates with a Level 2 are suitable for supervised positions (they may be working towards Level 3).
  • NVQ in Play Work. This qualification is to work with children aged 5 to 15 years old.
  • CACHE Certificate in Child Care and Education. For nursery/kindergarten or playgroup assistants.
  • CACHE Diploma in Nursery Nursing (NNEB). For childminders, classroom assistants, nannies, nursery nurses, and playgroup supervisors
  • CACHE Advanced Diploma in Child Care and Education. This qualification is for advanced practitioners, inspectors, managers, registration officers, and verifiers. This is a specialised award and should only be taken by candidates with a more general qualification, such as the NNEB or the NVQ.
  • CACHE Specialist Teacher Assistant Award for classroom assistants.

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