My experience as an Au Pair in Switzerland

by Gill_admin.

Au Pairing in Switzerland

By Sandra K. au pair. ..Being an au pair in Switzerland not only gave me an amazing opportunity to live in Geneva and learn French but I had a chance to meet the most wonderful host family and Au Pairs whom I can now call my friends. I started the process in 2015 and made sure to choose a reputable agency. I applied through the Heavenly Au Pairs Agency, where all of the staff were very supportive and guided me through each step.

My agency not only answered all my questions but they quickly identified 3 seemingly good host families who lived in different parts of the Switzerland. I wanted to be in a place which is near to the countryside but not too rural and I made the decision to accept a family with two little girls aged 3 and 5 who lived just outside of Geneva. 

Initially, I was terrified when I arrived in the country with a basic French knowledge and pocket dictionary. Luckily my worries quickly drifted away when I heard there is a  contribution towards the Au Pair’s language school (minimum 120 hours per year). In the language course you can not only learn a new language but meet with other Au Pairs in the area so it serves a dual purpose.

During working hours, I was in charge of taking care of the girls while the parents were at work and we enjoyed visiting museums, parks and soft play areas. We even spent a day in the chocolate museum😊 Remembering how I occupied myself in my free time I know that when I was not working, I was never bored as Geneva has so many things to offer. The town is very safe and is surrounded by a beautiful lake and mountains. The people in the city are friendly and you can always find something to do. When I was not in charge of the girls I visited different museums, went for a hike with my friends or travelled to other cities like Zurich, Lausanne and Montreux where the world-famous Music Festival takes place during the summer. As my host family was very supportive of finding my career path in the future they allowed me to take a part-time internship in the UN where I could get involved working with different nations and see the place where big decisions are made.

Talking about financials my host family not only provided private room and food but I also received the gross salary of 1700-1880 CHF (1300-1430 GBP) per month. The other perks of the job are that you get 4 weeks of vacation per year (5 if you are under 20😊). The family will also pay at least 50% of your health insurance during the stay, pay the public transport when you are travelling for work which comes handy as the hourly TPG (Geneva Transport) is 2.60CHF/hour.

All in all, I would definitely recommend to being an Au Pair in Switzerland not only to earn excellent money (for a gap year) or to meet new people but you’ll never find a place as unique as this😊 Wishing you the best of luck with your search!

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