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Are you considering being an Au Pair in Germany? Germany is an important power house in Europe and the world. There is much to admire and it’s not only their top standards, beer and Angela Merkel! Think again! By going to Germany as an Au Pair, you will have the opportunity to experience Germany from the inside! See what makes them tick, explore their staggeringly beautiful cities, countryside and villages and learn how they see the world. In Germany, prices are far lower but the standards of living are far higher (than the UK)and that’s intriguing for starters!

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin at sunsetWhile Germany is not all about beer and sausages, they do take a lot of pride in them! Oktoberfest inundates Munich every year and each region has their own specialties, such as Apfelwein (a type of cider) in Frankfurt and Astra in Hamburg. There is also a lot of history to be lived, by visiting one of the many castles and old historic cities, such as Heidelberg or Neuschwanstein Castle, or through the memorials and museums in Berlin. Berlin is also a capital of street culture and cool to explore your more urban side.Old town in Germany with tudor style buildings in white and black

You may also have heard about the Weihnachtsmarkt or Christmas markets that begin popping up in December. It is easy to beat the cold and dark, when there is Gluhwein and Christmas cheer to keep you company! Stollen, a German Christmas cake, is not to be missed and you can often sample some of the wide variety of sausages or wurst (almost 1500!) at the many festivals and markets year round. That should keep you busy!

Our programmes for au pairing in Germany are for between 6-12 months, allowing you to be fully immersed in the German culture.

  • Au pairs work maximum 30 hours per week.
  • Receive approximately 310 euro per month as well as food and accommodation as a part of the family.
  • Your host family will:
    • pay for your insurance and local transport costs (for example to language classes).
    • 4 weeks paid holiday per year.
  • By working with an agency, you will receive:
    • Local support to assist you during your stay, including advice for settling in to German (including a local “Au Pair Godmother” to introduce you to your area,
    • Emergency assistance – for peace of mind!
    • Au Pair meet ups and
    • Help to find friends and language classes.

To apply for your German adventure, you should:

  • Be between 18-32 years (18-26 for non-EU citizens).
  • If not from the EU/ UK, Be able to apply for the German Au Pair Visa – please contact your local German Embassy for more specific information if required.
  • Have basic (A2) German language knowledge
  • Have experience working with children – this can be as a big brother or sister, during work experience in Stepped castle garden in Germany set in a forest with a pond and fountaina nursery or as a babysitter. If you are unsure, contact us!
  • Above all, have a love for children and an open mind to learn about a new culture from a unique standpoint – from right in the middle of it!

Brown stone castle in Germany with round turrets set in a forest and built on a hilltopWhat you will need:

  • A completed registration form
  • A dear family letter written in German – this is an introduction about yourself for your future host family. For instance, you might like to write about your home life, family, interests, studies, and most of all, why you want to be an Au Pair in Germany.
  • A small photo album with smiley photos of you and your family/friends.
  • Copy of your school grades/university certificate and proof of German knowledge (for example, high school grades or a course completion certificate).
  • Passport or valid ID that you can travel with
  • 2 childcare references and one character reference (3 people in total). We check these so please make sure that they are reachable and happy to be contacted.
  • Clean enhanced DBS/Police check – we can help UK applicants to apply for this.Hilly farmland in Germany with a house in the distance and surrounded by forest
  • Medical certificate – a short statement for your doctor saying that you are fit enough to work with children.
  • Driver’s license – if you would be happy to drive, that is!


German couple in traditional German dress holding roses at a summer festivalarchitecturally designed, modern glass and steel building in German city

Au Pair Testimonial – Au Pair in Germany

“After my Au Pair year in Germany, I can speak more or less fluent German, thanks to my wonderful family and language classes I took in my free time. I lived in Frankfurt, a really international city, so there is always a lot happening. I went to festivals on the Main, for walks to castles and ate in traditional German pubs. Frankfurt is also really easy to visit other places in Germany from, such as Munich and Heidelberg. As an Au Pair, I looked after 3 children between 3 and 10. They helped me with my German and I taught them some English, we made traditional German Christmas recipes and they made sure to include me in all their family trips. I would definitely recommend being an Au Pair in Germany!”

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