Teach English as a Foreign Language – TEFL

Teaching English as a Foreign Language ‘TEFL’

The TEFL Gap Year is a long established favourite for young people who are looking to travel and live in another culture for their Year Out. It is enormously rewarding as an experience and adventure – you get paid too and live independently, although usually with or close to the other young teachers.

Benefits of TEFL gap year :

  • Earn money, whilst enjoying a Gap Year adventure, whilst also putting good work experience/ experience of working on your CV
  • A job waiting for you after finishing the training

  • You get personal assistance in finding a job

  • Most jobs include accommodation
  • Sightseeing possibilities and money to take full advantage of them

  • Experience new cultures, meet new people from all walks of life

  • Enjoy adventurous activities away from home

  • More options for jobs

  • Make your CV stand out for future employers or universities.

Integrate teaching with learning – chance to learn about a different culture and maybe languages.

TEFL” stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (to foreigners). It is also commonly referred to as Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), English Language Teaching (ELT), and teaching ESL (English as a Second Language).

Training to become a TEFL teacher

The only qualification you’ll need to be a TEFL teacher is a TEFL certification. You don’t need to have taken other exams or a degree, just as long as you are a fluent English speaker! (preferably a native English speaker ie. English is your mother tongue).

However, there are some countries where you may need a degree in order to get a working visa so you’ll need to take this into account when you’re searching for your TEFL destination.

The process may vary depending on your personal circumstances and where you wish to teach. In most cases the process of getting TEFL certified & gaining employment teaching English abroad is typically 3-6 months.

Types of TEFL teacher Courses

The main factors to be taken into consideration when choosing a TEFL course is that the course is properly accredited and recognised. Also, some courses require more hours of lessons than others; the ones which are longer (eg. 120 hours of TEFL training vs. an 80 hour TEFL course, the first is better).

  • Online TEFL Courses – These are only online and involve no classroom training at all. This is most suitable for those who cannot attend a physical classroom, due to distance or time restrictions for example.

  • Combined TEFL Courses – These combine online and classroom training (mostly online) and this is better than simply online training, as you are able to practice being the teacher and will be given guidance with this later essential part of the job.

  • Classroom TEFL Courses – These are normally combined with online courses, however, it is possible to complete a classroom course on its own, without any on-line element. These courses are really good and prepare the students for life as a teacher, but it is a big commitment to go to classes which you may not have time for, or may be too far away.

CELTA Courses – These are best for those who want a long career in TEFL. A CELTA courses is a bigger commitment as they are intensive classroom courses, normally lasting 6 weeks with full time classroom hours. They are also much more costly then TEFL courses at around £1200-£1500.

There are several ways in which you can participate in the TEFL Gap Year through Heavenly.

  1. All inclusive TEFL Gap Year programme, including TEFL course, comprehensive travel insurance, Teaching Job  at destination with associated training and on-boarding and accommodation pre-selected.
  2. The TEFL course alone.
  3. The TEFL job / job & accommodation alone (if you already have the TEFL certificate)

Our programmes vary slightly between destination countries, so tell us which is your preferred choice of the above options and your preferred country of destination and we will send you details of that programme.

Where can I do the TEFL Gap Year (or part thereof)

  • Asia 
  • Europe 
  • Central America
  • South America
  • Middle East
  • Africa

We understand that students have limited funds, so we ensure that our TEFL Gap Year programmes are highly affordable, some might even say cheap! However, don’t worry about the cost too much, as you will be earning money as soon as you start teaching your foreign students.

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