Gap Year

Gap Year, Year Out, Year Off, Overseas Experience, Work and Travel – Me time!

Whatever you call it, it’s your chance for adventure, a complete change, an incredible experience and possibly the best year of your life – so far anyway!

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Au Pair – Gap Year

Heavenly offers the Au Pair Gap Year programme, a fabulous, long-established and successful cultural exchange programme where you live with a foreign family in the country of your choice, help to look after their children and live as part of the family, partaking in family activities as well as your own travels and meetups with new friends, possibly studying the local language for some hours each week. This very low cost Gap Year experience is a safe and amazing way to experience full cultural and language immersion… Your only concern is… which country to choose! Find out more here :  Au Pair Abroad - Gap Year

TEFL & TESOL- Teaching English as a Foreign Language – Gap Year

Have you considered a TEFL Gap Year? English is the 2nd most widely spoken language in the world and it is the most common language for communication and business. With most of the non-English speaking world very keen to learn or improve their English there is a huge demand for for English teachers of all grades. Whether you hold a degree to teach English, or you simply have a degree, or you are simply a fluent/ native English speaker, then there is a job waiting for you! Most people who work as an English teacher abroad do not have a degree in teaching and most do not yet have a degree, all you need is a desire to travel and the money to pay for the TEFL programme or separately to pay for the TEFL course and to travel to your destination. The TEFL programme sorts all the issues for you, it covers the cost of your TEFL course, arranges your job and accommodation in your destination country. The programmes vary in length, so that you can combine your TEFL gap year with additional travelling or other work and travel. Programmes are for 3-24 months, with 6-12 months being most popular.