Tips for Family Registration

Tips for Family Registration

Family4_on_beach_5937525Before you start to fill in our on-line family Registration form we would just like to bring to your attention a few things to help your application be attractive to our very best candidates (be they nanny, au pair, mother’s help, housekeeper or elderly companion).

What you write will be read by Heavenly Au Pairs staff, by some of our Partner Agencies abroad but most importantly by your future Au Pair/ Nanny/ Mother’s Help/ Companion/ Housekeeper. Please bear this in mind throughout.

1. Do respond honestly and truthfully, there is little point saying that you live in a castle if you live in a 2 bedroom flat. Upon arrival your chosen candidate will be disappointed (!) but also will not be able to trust you and might not stay. If you live in a 2 bedroom flat, please say so. Then you should also mention the positives – there are lots of great shops nearby, or it is a very large flat, there is a language school at the end of the road and your toddler’s nursery is 2 minutes walk away.

2. Apart from providing the essential facts, this on-line registration form, together with the more extensive Part 2 Registration form which we send you automatically upon registration, is your chance to promote your family.
What you say and how you say it will either entice candidates or put them off!

3. Remember, you need to make clear on the registration form that you are a very nice fair family (but still, if you do not actually treat them well once they are with you, then they might still leave).

4. The overwhelming majority of families who come to us are fantastic, wonderful, kind, generous, supportive families, who we are genuinely hugely enthusiastic about, and love to promote to like-minded fantastic au pairs/ mother’s helps/ housekeepers/ companions, who are tripping over themselves to be picked by you.
Please do ensure that the candidates get the correct impression of you from your replies.

5. Please consider whether you need a driver. Insuring a young person is not cheap. If you really need a driver then finding an au pair/companion who is able to drive for you is a godsend. But if you do not absolutely need your helper to drive then please say so on the form. Please call your insurance company and other insurers to make sure you will be able to afford the premium to insure a young person. (shop around!)

5. Please read our page on ‘What is an Au Pair?‘ ‘Nannies‘ or ‘Elderly Companion‘ before you begin to fill in our Registration forms, then you know what the Au Pair programme, Elderly Companion etc. is all about and what fair terms are for your chosen candidate.

6. We are NOT an anonymous computerised system – your forms will come directly to the Heavenly Au Pairs & Nannies team in London who will check through them in detail and search for the most wonderful matching heavenly candidates for you. If, after registration you think you should have answered differently or if your circumstances change, please get in touch. We will discuss with you and make the appropriate changes to your Registration forms which we send out to our candidates and partners.

Some more tips concerning specific questions in the Registration Form

The more options you provide us with the wider we can cast the net in our search for your perfect au pair. family-1023046

You might for instance consider a male candidate? Male au pairs tend to be really excellent at entertaining your children and having a lot of fun with them. Male au pairs are also often good at driving. Many of them do have experience with housework and are more than happy to help in this area.
Consider also if you absolutely need your helper to drive? Often, particularly in more rural areas this is essential to the role. Only approximately 40% of all candidates can drive, so if you do not absolutely need a driver you will have a far greater choice (including drivers and non drivers).
Regarding the aupair’s level of English- We will always try to find you the best candidate with the highest level of English, but if the language capability is not as important as their personality or skills then consider a candidate who is less than good at English.
Be fair when it comes to the pocket money (or wage for non-au pair candidates) which you will pay your helper. Our heavenly au pairs are certainly not solely motivated by money, but if their weekly pocket money is significantly lower than in other simlar roles then you might not attract the best au pairs or they will feel resentful once they are here as they meet those other better paid au pairs. Always pay fairly. For candidates receiving more than £112 weekly please make sure you check with HMRC about NI and Tax thresholds ( – we can provide you with up to date tables/ literature about this – just ask – but kindly make sure you inform yourself.
We hope you have found this helpful.