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Heavenly recognises that there are an increasing number of households whose ‘precious little angels’ are of the ‘furry’ not human variety ie. you have pets requiring care and attention, not children.  Heavenly offers a ‘Pet Nanny’ recruitment service, which is very similar to our highly successful au pair/ nanny/ housekeeper / elderly care recruitment service. A Pet Nanny is sometimes referred to as a ‘pet au pair’ or  ‘au pair for dogs’. Actually it is not part of the official au pair programme, which is a cultural exchange centred around childcare, and Pet Nannies, ‘Pet Au Pairs’ are employees who need to be paid.  Having said that, our Pet Nannies usually live in and are generally quiet flexible and don’t usually have a second job which competes for their time. They provide highly bespoke care for your pets, in accordance with your time-table and your/ your pets needs.

What is a Pet Nanny?bordeaux-1351677

Unlike a Pet-Sitter, or alternatives such as ‘doggy daycare’  a Pet Nanny is someone who lives in your home for a longer period of time, generally 3-12 months and provides on-going care for your pets. A Pet Nanny is sometimes referred to as Dog Nanny.

You might be interested in securing a Heavenly Pet Nanny if you

  • Work full time
  • Often travel away from home for business or pleasure.
  • Are physically incapacitated, due to illness, older age or recovering after an operation/ accident.

You provide the pet carer with free (live-in) accommodation. This can either be in your home, or in your separate staff accommodation.

Your Pet Nanny will care for your pets in the same way you would. Duties of a Dog Nanny include:

  • Preparing food for and feeding Pets at the pre-specified time/s.
  • Taking dogs out on regular walks (usually 2 times per day).
  • Giving medication if required.
  • Washing & Grooming.
  • Ensuring that the pet is not left alone for any longer length of time.
  • Providing night cover, when the Pet owner is not home during an evening or overnight, the Pet Nanny will be.
  • Possibly other small non-pet related errands from time to time or occasional cleaning.

Pet Nanny Candidates

Many of Heavenly’s Pet Nanny Candidates apply from outside of the UK and wish to work in the UK for a year or two before returning home. We source our candidates from all countries in the EU (France, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Italy etc) but also Australia and New Zealand. For them it is a kind of Home Stay, but where they are paid.

Often the candidates are motivated by earning money whilst improving their English. All of our Pet Nanny candidates have experience with animals, although not necessarily with all animals. Full details of their experience, background and motivation will be provided to you when we send you their complete files.

The pet carer’s pay is broadly speaking ca. £170- £220 per week, but varies according to the following factors:

  • The Pet Nanny’s experience in pet care.
  • Number of hours of work required per week.
  • How many pets the Pet Nanny must care for.
  • If/how many evening and nights need to be covered.
  • If there are any other duties in addition to caring for the pets.
  • The Pet Nanny’s level of English – many of our older, hard-working Pet Nannies have great experience and life experience but a lower level of English

Next Steps for employing live in care for your pets

Once you have registered with us for a Pet Nanny we will look to send you candidates based on your specific requirements. When suitably matching Pet Nannies have been identified for you, we will send you the Candidate’s:

  • Complete Application Form
  • Character Reference
  • 1 or 2 work references (many candidates’ experience is with their own pets and they might not have a reference for work with animals, but will provide other work references for you to assess their suitability as an employee)
  • Police Report, upon Job offer (in UK a DBS, overseas candidates will present a DBS equivalent)
  • Cover letter/ letter of Introduction
  • Medical report, upon Job offer.
  • Driving licence (if applicable)
  • Copy of their ID card / Passport (after Job offer accepted)

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