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Heavenly’s Au Pair and Nanny Agency Service

The Heavenly Team strives to offer the best agency service we can and is here to help you to find the best Nanny, Au Pair or helper for your family. We are a childcare and domestic recruitment agency and will guide you through the selection process, as well as settling in your new candidate. We also excel in aftercare. Our team are passionate about the work we do and want our families and candidates to be completely happy.

For Families

If you do not have the time and contacts, it is unlikely that you will find the very best candidate for your family without a little outsider help. This is where Heavenly comes in. We offer an agency service to find a Nanny, Au Pair, Housekeeper or Elderly Carer Companion and are as committed to finding the best solution as you are.

For an affordable fee, we will use all means necessary to help you find a fully vetted, experienced and lovely Au Pair, Nanny or in home helper of your choice. The Heavenly Nannies & Au Pairs team are domestic ‘headhunters’, working to your family’s specifications. Through our expertise, connections, partners, and tailored advertising, we can find a wide range of excellent candidates to suit all needs.

Family of four with a boy and a girl being photographed by their Nanny sitting on a white, sandy beach

Heavenly are proud to offer an unrivalled bespoke, personalised Nanny and Au Pair agency service, striving to exceed your expectations with minimum fuss. Above all, we aim to propose only the very best candidates. All potential Au Pairs, Nannies or Employees have been thoroughly checked. After carefully interviewing them (over Skype), we select those we believe to be the most suitable for you.

Likewise, we put the same care into our recruitment for positions such as Housekeepers and Elderly Companions. Our experienced and friendly team look forward to helping and guiding you through this exciting process to find a nanny, an au pair, or helper, with a wealth of tips and advice.

Furthermore, if you are not entirely happy with your chosen Nanny/ Au Pair / Helper, we offer you a FREE replacement – see terms and conditions.

Our Associations

Heavenly is a proud member of ANA the Association of Nanny Agencies and one of only a handful of UK Agencies that is a full member of both the FSB AND of the British Au Pair Agencies’ Association (BAPAA). These associations help us to offer the best agency service to our clients, as well as the Nanny, Au Pair or helper.

Heavenly’s Au Pair and Nanny Agency Service for Families

What we do:

  • Put simply, we advise, help and support you throughout the selection process, pre-arrival/start date and during the entire placement, if you need us.
  • Using our years of experience, we excel at identifying outstanding candidates and help to manage the process of placing them successfully into your home.
  • Many of our Elderly Carer Companions, Housekeepers and Nannies are British. We also have Nannies who have been working in the UK for some years, but are originally from outside of the UK. For example, they may come from France, Italy, Hungary, or be a native English speaking Nanny from New Zealand or Australia.
  • In contrast, to qualify for the cultural exchange programme, au pairs need to be ‘foreign’. Our Au Pairs come to the UK from:
    • Europe
      • German au pairs
      • French au pairs
      • Swedish au pairs and mother’s helps
      • Belgian au pairs
      • Dutch au pairs and mother’s helps
      • Norwegian au pairs
      • Swiss au pairs
      • Italian au pairs and mother’s helps
      • Greek au pairs
      • Spanish au pairs and mother’s helps
      • Portuguese au pairs
      • Austrian au pairs
      • Danish au pairs
      • Polish au pairs and mother’s help
      • Hungarian au pairs and mother’s helps
      • Romanian au pairs and mothers helps
      • Bulgarian au pairs and mother’s helps
      • Slovakian au pairs and mother’s help
      • Slovenian au pairs and mother’s helps
      • Czech au pairs and mother’s helps
      • Latvian au pairs and mother’s helps
      • Lithuanian au pairs and mother’s helps
      • Estonian au pairs
      • Finnish au pairs
    • Asia and the Pacific
      • Australian au pairs and mother’s helps
      • New Zealand au pairs and mother’s helps
      • South Korean au pairs
      • Japanese au pairs
    • The Americas
      • Canadian au pairs, and mother’s helps
      • Argentinian au pairs
  • We also place  au pairs in continental Europe, China, USA, Australia, Chile and New Zealand.

How we do it:

Families register on-line by answering a simple form. The Heavenly Team will contact you to confirm that you are happy to commence the search and once you have signed off, the team will commence work!

We then check through the candidates on our books and notify our partners of your criteria. Our partners are based throughout Europe, as well as Australia, New Zealand and Canada, giving us access to a large pool of candidates. We also pay for adverts on our Clients’ behalf, never revealing names, photos or other identifiable information (we are fully GDPR compliant).

Candidates are selected according to your requirements, and circumstances. We try to look beyond the obvious to achieve a truly successful match.  Firstly, we check with each candidate that they are keen to apply for your position, meaning that we do not bombard you with unsuitable candidates. Those with relevant experience and skills, as well as matching personalities, receive a copy of your profile for consideration. After confirming their interest and conducting an initial interview, we recommend them to you. We carry out the first stages of the selection process, ‘cherry picking’ the top candidates on your behalf. This saves you considerable time and energy.

Once we start to send you suitable candidates, the Search Activation Fee of £48 (including VAT) is due. This small fee shows us that you are committed to finding a heavenly helper. Furthermore, much of our work is undertaken within the first few days of a search – we begin interviewing and selecting on your behalf immediately. As a courtesy, we only charge the fee, once the first suitable candidate has been recommended to you.

What does a candidate’s application contain?

Nanny with dark brown hair in a black coat holding a baby boy in a wool sweaterYou will receive an initial application with an application form, CV (for employees), dear family letter (Au Pairs), and references. The candidate may also have sent a photo, or relevant qualification details, such as a first aid or training certificate. We will also collect their police certificate, ID, Driver’s License (where applicable) and medical certificate and share these with you should you choose to invite or offer the role to a candidate.

Crucially, our agency service provides you with a synopsis for each nanny/ au pair/ helper we recommend. This highlights their most important details, as well as why this person might be a good match for you. We will also bring to your attention any possible drawbacks. Our clients report that these synopses are invaluable when making their own careful decisions.

You will then tell us which of our candidates you would like to interview yourselves!

What happens next:

We help arrange interviews with the candidates you like and evaluate who might be the right candidate for you. You can take as long as you need, and may choose to speak with the candidates a couple of times before moving forward. Most of our clients have chosen an Au pair/Nanny/Helper within 10-14 days of starting a search with us. We aim to work diligently and efficiently and have even managed a few successful placements within a day!

For families engaging an Au Pair:

After inviting an au pair or mother’s help, we send you a draft ‘Letter of Invitation‘. This contains basic details of the role; duties, hours, weekly money, start/end dates, benefits, etc. Once approved, we send you a copy to sign electronically.

For families engaging an Employee:

We initially send your chosen candidate your ‘Offer Letter’ (prepared by us, approved by you), containing the basic details of the role and the conditions of the offer. After the Fee for Introduction has been settled, we can send you our very comprehensive Employment Contract. This has been specially prepared by the solicitors of our Association of Nanny Agencies and is part of our agency service.

Confirming the placement

Once the Offer Letter or Letter of Invitation is signed, we will send you a completed copy.
You are then invoiced for the Fee for Introduction. The placement is confirmed when the invoice is settled. At this point, the candidate can be removed from our books and we inform them that they can make their travel arrangements.

Need a Plan B?

On the rare occasion where you are not entirely happy with your Au Pair/Nanny/Mother’s Help/Helper, we offer a free replacement within the first 28 days of the candidate arriving with you. After 28 days, we operate a sliding scale of reduced fee. Please refer to our terms and conditions, for a full description, in particular points 14-17.

Finally…Nanny in a purple apron being photographed with the meal she has prepared

All our Au pairs, Nannies and Mother’s helps are experienced in childcare (relative to their age & position) and are helpful, caring and reliable people. We are on hand at all times to offer guidance and support to both you and your chosen candidate. We aim to make every placement successful and happy!

Because we at Heavenly Nannies & Au Pairs have all either been an au pair/nanny or a hosting family (or both!), we are passionate about what we do and want to make our agency and service the best they can be. We understand the issues involved from both sides and know how to make sure everything works well, or how to resolve any problems! Otherwise, try our ‘Helpful Hints for a Successful Placement’.

Our au pairs benefit from our association with BAPAA. They can contact one another and we help them to find a local language school and settle in!

Heavenly Au Pairs can be contacted out of office hours in true emergencies. This is only for our au pair candidates. Our Heavenly host families and au pairs will have the emergency number in their letter of invitation.

Please contact us to discuss our first-class heavenly service and find out how we will go out of our way to help you!

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