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Driving in the UK, Driving Licence and Car Insurance Au pairs driving

Do you need your au pair or foreign nanny to drive?

See here for information regarding driving in the UK with a non-British driving licence, for European Nationals and also for those whose driving licence is issued outside of the EU.

Many of our families require their au pair or foreign nanny to drive but find the cost of insuring them very high. To address this common problem our Trade Association BAPAA has sought the help of Stoneshield Car Insurance who will endeavour to provide a very competitive quote to insure your au pair or foreign nanny to drive your car.

More information can be found here and you can get in touch with Stoneshield directly, for a car insurance quote.

Please note that Heavenly Au Pairs & Nannies is in no way affiliated to Stoneshield Insurance, however, if after doing your research you are happy to choose Stoneshield for your cheaper car insurance, Heavenly will receive a (small!) commission payment from the Insurers.

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It is vital that all people coming to the UK are aware of the major differences concerning roads and traffic rules in Britain. Most people are already aware that in the UK, as with a handful of other countries (not in Europe) we drive on the left. Once you are here, it becomes quite natural and people are more afraid of this than they need to be. When crossing a busy road, there will often be a sign on the road stating ‘Look Left’ or ‘Look Right’, this is very helpful. Whether you are planning to drive in the UK or not, it is a good idea to read our ‘Highway’ code so that you understand our signs (very similar to all other countries’ signs). A copy of the Highway Code can be found here.