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What does Heavenly do?

Engaging a Heavenly candidate is easy and uncomplicated. Heavenly Au Pairs and Nannies is here to guide you through each step. Firstly, we help you to decide which is the best childcare solution for your family. By discussing your requirements and evaluating alternatives, we can help you narrow down the options between nanny, au pair, junior nanny, mother’s help, nanny housekeeper, nanny PA, occasional babysitter, childminder, nursery or after school care.

If you would like to proceed, we will help you determine what sort of attributes the candidate should have. For example, your situation might call for a French speaker, who is willing to drive in the UK, has some experience with children of 5-7 yrs in age, is comfortable with cooking for children, is quiet but confident by nature and likes dogs!

We will then suggest candidates to you who are the closest match for your family, help you arrange to interview them and decide who you like best. Most of our Nanny candidates are available to be interviewed in person by you. Some of our Junior Nannies and the majority of Au Pairs and Mother’s Helps will be applying before they travel to the UK. These interviews will take place over Skype.

Finally, we manage the process of engaging them and successfully establishing your chosen Au Pair, Nanny or Mother’s Help in your home. For placements with our employee candidates (not Au pairs), we offer simple guidance with tax, and national insurance. We also offer our comprehensive employment contracts for your convenience.sibling-1023000

Heavenly Au Pairs  & Nannies operates with the highest integrity and will only select the best candidates and those we believe to be suitable for your needs. If the Nanny, Au Pair or Mother’s Help does not appear be good enough for our own families, then they will not be good enough for yours. That is the high benchmark we consistently work to!

Heavenly Nannies

We offer both Live In Nannies and Live Out / Daily Nannies. For our clients in and around London, we have a comprehensive selection of Nannies, Junior Nannies, Nanny Housekeepers etc for both Live In and Live Out positions. Outside of the London area, we predominantly have Live In Nannies. If you are not sure which option is better for you, get it in touch with one of our Placement Consultants and we can explain the merits of each option.

Please see a full description about our Heavenly Nannies, Junior Nannies, Nanny Housekeepers and Nanny PA’s on our Nanny page and Childcarer Options page.

Want to know more about current rates of pay for Nannies in your area see 2017-Nanny Pay-map

For those who need more support, please find out more about our Nanny Service and Housekeeper Service.

What is an Au Pair?

An Au Pair is someone who comes from abroad and lives with you, in exchange for supporting your family with childcare. But it is not a job or a substitute for a full time nanny. The Au Pair programme is a cultural exchange. As part of the cultural exchange they will help you with looking after your children, help (up to 20%) with simple housework and can babysit. Many families enjoy this flexible arrangement and host an Au Pair who can help look after your children for up to 30 hours per week (5-6 hours per day). The host family provides the Au Pair with free room & board and pocket money of usually £90-100 per week (minimum is £90), but you must treat them as one of the family! We simply cannot emphasise enough how wonderful it is to have heavenly help! Households are so busy these days, and having a trusted, almost ‘family’, member at hand is an indescribable (yet affordable) luxury! They might collect the children at short notice, or help with those continual household chores. It might be babysitting by someone well used to putting your children to bed and who knows your routine.

If you need more than 30 hrs per week then you may need a mother’s help, nanny or nanny-housekeeper.

A mother’s help usually works up to 35 hours (up to max 40hrs when including babysitting) and many of them are here on a cultural exchange. A Nanny or nanny-housekeeper can work longer and is paid more as an employee. Read more on our full page ‘What is an Au Pair? , Childcarer Options’ and Nannies’.

6 Good Reasons for Having an Au Pair:making-food-982410

  • Cohesion and Continuity of Care – Your children will not be subjected to various different carers and your Au Pair will fully understand the daily routine and be aware of any changes.
  • Learning about Other Cultures and Languages – Your Au Pair can tell the family all about their country/culture and may even be willing to teach you and your children some of their own language. French, German, Polish – the choice is yours!
  • Someone at Hand – Many of us live far away from family and our friends are burdened with their own busy lives. When you need someone to step in, pick up the children because you can’t get home, babysit last minute because you need to see your dentist/doctor/child’s teacher – you could ask your Au Pair.
  • Enjoy Life – Having help at home, means you gain more time to do the things which matter. You will find you will be less tired, you will go out more and you will have more quality time with your children and partner.
  • Earn More – For some, this inexpensive luxury has meant that they have been able to return to work (if the children are old enough!).
  • A Cheaper Alternative – If your children are older then you might no longer need a Nanny. Nannies are professional child-carers, but the costs are quite high. If you are happy to accept young and unqualified assistance in the form of an au pair then you could potentially be saving a lot of money. Most would agree that even if you actually don’t relish the idea of sharing your home, it is a small sacrifice for the numerous benefits of an extra pair of hands at home.  Please note, an Au Pair is not inter-changeable with a nanny or qualified child carer, but they can help supervise school aged children.

Misconceptions about Au Pairs

  • Always hanging around? – No! When your Au Pair is ‘on duty’ they are helping you. When they are ‘off duty’ they are usually out at language classes, meeting up with friends, sight-seeing, shopping or in their room on the computer, reading etc. It is unusual to find an au pair who wants to spend every spare moment sitting with the host parents!
  • They need their own bathroom? – No! They can share the family bathroom (as they would at their home). If you only have 1 bathroom, then you could point out when the ‘rush hours’ are and when she/he could try not to use it. Also your Au Pair will be happy with a smallish bedroom, as long as it is pleasant, clean, comfortable and has a window(!)
  • They can’t speak the language? – Actually some Au Pairs are already quite good at English when they arrive. We will always try to source au pairs with reasonable language skills and you will find out yourself how good their English is when you interview and read their self written introductions. However, do bear in mind, the candidates with more room for improvement need to stay in the UK longer to achieve fluency; those who are already nearly fluent might not be motivated to stay for long…
  • They might want to bring partners back! – You are the householder and you set the rules which, as long as they are fair, the Au Pair must abide by. It is better to discuss any house rules before they arrive, to make sure they are ok with them. We can help with this. It is perfectly acceptable to ask your Au Pair not to bring boyfriends/girlfriends back to your house (without permission)
  • They are not experienced? – All the Au Pairs on our books, or who come to us via our Partners have some experience in child care, although they do not have childcare qualifications. Typically they have been caring for neighbours’ children, or tutored younger children with homework or worked in a summer camp. Some au pairs have young siblings who they have had to care for whilst their parents are at work. They like children, but au pairs look after children as part of their gap year / cultural exchange, they won’t necessarily be choosing a career with children, although it’s quite common for an au pair to be considering a career in teaching.

Heavenly Au Pairs and Nannies also has a good selection of Housekeepers and Elderly Companions. 95% of these candidates live-in and are sourced directly or through from our reputable partners throughout Europe.

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