Escape to your Gap Year as an Au Pair in Australia

by Gill_admin.

British Au Pairs are living it up in Australia!

If you’ve taken a recent look at the falling mercury in your outside thermometer there is a good chance that you will be considering a move to warmer climes, indeed a warmer hemisphere. Your escape might, initially at least, be temporary, which is also the easiest to arrange so why not consider going the whole hog and take your gap year out in Australia. This home-from-home is sunny and warm in its climate and in its people. By far the easiest option is to live with an Australian family as a gap year au pair – that way you get to experience life as a real Aussie and can enjoy a comfortable and fun gap year with no worries about finding accommodation, or where your next meal will come from and even be paid!   

Being an au pair is a great way to enjoy a new country. You simply become a member of the family, with particular child-orientated duties. You will help look after the family’s children, getting them up and out of the house in the morning, taking them to & from school, helping with homework, taking them to activities etc. In your free time you can meet up with friends, visit sights, chill on the beach, whatever you please. You will get your own nice bedroom within the family home and will eat your meals with the family – some of which you will have helped to prepare!

Australians are warm and open people who readily take ‘foreigners’ into their hearts (and homes). They like to share their lives and are proud to show outsiders what it means to be Australian and to live on that amazing continent.

Once you have had a little time to rest after your long journey, your new Australian family will be delighted to show you around your local neighbourhood and closest large town/ city. They will introduce you to all the family members, in particular the children. Immediately after arrival the Australian agency will contact you to make sure everything is ok and to invite you to get-togethers/ arranged outings.

It is not so common in Australia to learn a foreign language, so for every family which leaps at the opportunity to expose their children to a different language and culture there is another host family who particularly prefers to host a native English speaking au pair, from the United Kingdom.

If you decide you would like this adventure then we will help support you all the way through. You start by simply:

  1. Fill in our simple on-line au pair registration form, specifying Australia as your chosen destination.
  2. Write then send us your ‘Dear Family’ introduction letter for your prospective Australian host family and start collecting your references. Prospective host families will also appreciate seeing a photo of you.
  3. Apply for your DBS certificate – this is proof that you don’t have any criminal history. You can apply through Heavenly for just £84 incl vat (
  4. Review the Australian host families we will send you by email.
  5. Interview with the families you like.
  6. Agree with your favourite Australian family and start organising your trip!
  7. Make sure your Gap Year programme fee has been paid. Then start looking into your  Australian Working Holiday Visa, flights and travel insurance – we can help with this!
  8. Once in Australia you will be under the care of our Australian agency. They will send you everything you need to settle in and also help you to start making new friends. If you have any questions or concerns in Australia you can contact them, but you are also welcome to contact us!

It’s as simple as that, here to Oz in 7 easy steps!

Our Australian partner agency will be in touch with you and your host family once you have started your gap year placement. They will also ensure that you and the family know what to do for a successful au pair placement. You will be far from home, but your new life will be full of adventure so you won’t have too much time to think about home and that’s just how it should be.

This is a hugely exciting and, paradoxically, also safe adventure, with all the thrills but none of the dangers of a far-flung gap year.

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