Elderly Carer Companion

A Heavenly Elderly Carer Companion is an affordable option for families and their elderly relatives, who are looking for peace of mind and daily assistance, but are not quite ready for a full time carer. Our Carer Companions provide in home help and have previous experience working with elderly. 

Young carer with Elderly LadyHeavenly Carer Companions are carefully chosen for their kind & caring natures. They have solid experience, a clean DBS check, as well as good references. They may have worked as an Elderly Care Companion before, or in a care home as a care assistant. Alternatively, they may have experience caring for their own family member. They are usually of European nationality (some are British) and they speak fair English.

Companions provide comfort and support for both the elderly person and their family. Should something happen, someone reliable and responsible is at hand to recognise a problem and help. Thanks to their quick thinking and speedy reaction, one of our Carer Companion’s has been accredited with saving their elderly employer’s life!

Heavenly Elderly Carer Companions are available for part time or full time work. They usually live with the elderly person/s, and receive free accommodation and meals. Carer Companions are paid between £280- £480 gross per week. This rate depends on the specifications of the position, hours of work, and their experience. We can also look for a Care Companion who lives nearby, if you prefer a live out option.

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Carer Companions can help with:

  • girl-560315Invaluable company and conversation
  • General housework and laundry
  • Cooking meals
  • Daily outings. For example, to doctors appointments or to the shops
  • Running simple errands or shopping
  • Taking care of pets
  • Driving (if they have a licence and an insured car is provided)
  • Providing a steadying hand – walking with the elderly person, or guiding them in the home
  • Reminders to take pills prescribed by a doctor
  • Assisting with letters, post, email and telephone calls
  • Some may agree to be available during the night time

Carer Companions cannot help with:

  • Personal or medical care
  • Lifting
  • Administering medication, or treatments

Please note:
Our Elderly Care Companions are not nurses or qualified carers and can only play a supporting role in medical care and treatment.

But I’m looking for an Elderly Au Pair?

A Carer Companion is often described as an Elderly Au Pair or Au Pair for Seniors. The term Au Pair is a protected title and only refers to a person on a cultural exchange and helping with children. Because of this, they have special tax conditions and do not need to meet minimum wage requirements.

Carer Companions are domestic workers in a private household and are employed by the elderly person or their family, according to UK employment law. As a result, the Health and Safety Work Act of 1974 does not usually apply to them. For more clarification on the HSWA, please read more.

Elderly Care Companionship Service Fees

Unlike other agencies in the care sector, Heavenly does not charge on-going fees. Our fee structure is very simple. For each new search, we charge a ‘search activation fee’ of £48 (including vat), but only AFTER we start to send through candidates. Thereafter, only when you employ a candidate introduced by us, will we charge a one off Fee for Introduction. And that’s it!

How does the Elderly Carer Companion service work?

Heavenly's care service overview

We offer a service of introduction. First, we ask you to register with Heavenly Au Pairs & Nannies and provide us with details of the position. We then confirm your registration, start our search, and send you details of suitable candidates. Thereafter, you meet the candidate to access their suitability for your role. This normally occurs either in person or over video chat. Should you like a candidate, we will assist with a formal offer and contract.

Elderly Man

Heavenly only charges a Fee for Introduction, once a placement is confirmed (see full terms). Thereafter, you will pay your Elderly Carer Companion directly each week. We recommend that clients use a payroll service and will put them in touch with a very competent and well-priced payroll company. We can send you a courtesy standard employment contract too. As an employer, you may like to read this helpful guidealthough, it is aimed at care workers, rather than in home Elderly Carer Companions.

The Heavenly Team will be pleased to speak to you about whether one of our in home Elderly Care Companions could be the right option for you or your elderly family member.

Apply to work as an Elderly Carer Companion

You can apply to be an Elderly Carer Companion here. Our current positions can also be seen here.

As an employee once you start work you will need to be covered by a Public Liability Insurance. One such policy is called Adult Care by Michel Morton.

Thank you. Please get in touch if you need any support, we are happy to help you.