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Heavenly places Live-In Companions / Home Help with Elderly people/couples. Our Elderly Companions are not usually specially trained or qualified in the area of Care for the Elderly, but they have experience, gained, for example, through looking after their own elderly family members. Often they have previously worked as an elderly companion or they may have worked in a care home as an assistant for a short time.

Young carer with Elderly Lady

Our Heavenly Home Help candidates are carefully selected for their kind & caring natures, their solid experience with domestic work (housework & cooking) and good references.

They provide comfort and security to the Elderly person & their family, that should something happen, someone reliable and responsible is immediately at hand to recognise a problem and help (indeed one of our Companion’s has been accredited with saving their Elderly employer’s life by their quick thinking and speedy reaction!)

 Heavenly’s Elderly Companions can help with:

  • General housework and laundry
  • Cooking (simple to good meals)
  • Accompanying the elderly person to doctor appointments etc. or to the shops
  • Running simple errands or shopping on their behalf
  • Taking care of the Elderly Person’s pets
  • Driving (if they have a licence and a car is provided (& insured)
  • Providing a steadying hand – walking with the Elderly Person, or guiding them in the home.
  • Helping the Elderly Person to remember to take pills prescribed by a doctor – although they cannot be instrumental in administering any pills or other medication – they cannot be actively involved in any medical care.
  • Some may agree to be available during the night time if the Elderly Person needs assistance.

Our Elderly Companions cannot help with:

  • Personal caregirl-560315
  • Lifting
  • Administering medication or treatments

Please note that our Elderly Companions are not nurses and are not carers. They are introduced by Us but then employed by You. They are seen as domestic workers working within domestic service in a private household. In this capacity the Health and Safety Work Act of 1974 does not usually apply to them. For more clarification on the HSWA please read more.

Heavenly Elderly Companions are available for Part Time or Full Time work (25 – 60 hrs per week).

All our Companions have a clean police check, references, which have been checked by a native speaker and caring personalities. These Home Helps are usually of European nationality (eg. Hungarian, Spanish, Polish) and can all speak English reasonably well. As an employer you may like to read this helpful guide, although, please note, it is more geared towards care workers (covered by Health and Safety regulation) rather than Elderly Companions in domestic service.

Depending on the specifications of the job, number of hours of work and their experience, Heavenly’s Elderly Home Helps are paid between £250- £450 per week for a Live-In position (employer provides free board and lodging).

We offer a service of introduction, whereby the Elderly Person/Couple or their family registers with Heavenly Au Pairs & Nannies and provides us with details of the position. We then confirm Your registration and send you details of suitable candidates. Please note, that although some people refer to this type of position as an ‘au pair for seniors / elderly’ the government has decreed that the special status  of ‘au pair’ (non employee, no tax) is only where the candidate is looking after a family’s children (not seniors).

Elderly Man

The candidates are not employed by Heavenly, but are employed by You the Elderly person/couple directly. As a courtesy, once you have selected your Elderly Helper Heavenly can share with you a standard employment contract. We recommend that Clients use a Payroll service to administer salary payments, correct tax deductions etc. and will put clients in touch with a very efficient and competitively priced payroll company.

We charge a Fee for Introduction for our Service (see full terms). Thereafter You will pay Your Elderly Companion Helper directly each week (weekly wage ranges from £250-£450) and there is nothing more to pay to the Agency (until You look for your next Companion).


The Heavenly Team will be delighted to speak to you about whether one of our Home Help Companions could be the right solution for you/your elderly family member.

For Candidates –

Once you have registered please email us copies of your supporting documents; we will need:

  • References preferably for work paid/unpaid with Elderly People (Click here for Heavenly’s Template, or send your own)
  • Character Reference (If you do not have enough work references) (Click here for Heavenly’s Template or send your own)
  • Photo of yourself (smiling please!). Not essential, but employers prefer it.
  • Letter of Motivation/ Introduction
  • Police Check / DBS (you can apply for this now, it can take a few weeks to arrive)
  • Medical Report  This will be shown upon acceptance of a job (Click here for Heavenly’s Template or send your own)
  • Copies of relevant Certificates for Education/ Training (eg. Degree / Nursing/ First Aid Course)
  • Copies of any other relevant documents such as Driving Licence.

As an employee once you start work you will need to be covered by a Public Liability Insurance. One such policy is called Adult Care by Michel Morton.

Thank you. Please get in touch if you need any support, we are happy to help you.