Elderly Carer Companion, affordable live in support for my elderly parents

by Gill_admin.

Elderly Care Companions:

Mr. & Mrs. K. and daughter, from Cheshire:

I was in desperate need of someone who could help me with my elderly parents as they were living alone in a rural area of Cheshire and I live quite far away. I doubted that hiring Carer was what we needed at the time as we didn’t require help with bathing or mobility just general security, assistance with daily life and companionship. We needed someone to live with them and be there in case something should happen, and to assist and accompany with everyday living and outings.Mr. & Mrs. K from Cheshire

I wasn’t sure this type of person existed and didn’t know it was a thing. When I mentioned our situation to a friend, she told me about Heavenly Au Pairs & Nannies as they offer Elderly Care Companions which she herself had previously used successfully. I was a bit reluctant to start the search and welcome a stranger in my parents’ home however my doubts were quickly allayed when we started interviewing some elderly care companion candidates.

All Candidates put forward by Heavenly Au Pairs & Nannies were vetted, interviewed, had previous experience working with Elderly people and appeared to be very genuine people. We were extremely impressed by Vladimira from Slovakia who was happy to work 5 days a week and carry out the duties and support my parents needed. She spoke English quite well, and we offered her the role pretty quickly. She started with my parents nearly a year ago and has been an absolute treasure. Her staying in the house during the night gave us great comfort and we no longer worry about my parents being alone in case of an emergency.

In her free time she has the use of the car, and she travels around the country a bit. She also went to local English classes to further improve her English. My parents really enjoy having her in the house and feel safer and happier.

She has given them the support they needed and the peace of mind for us😊 Vladimira will soon be returning to Slovakia and we will greatly miss her. We would definitely recommend Heavenly’s service for others as it will give you comfort to know your loved one is well looked after by a Heavenly Care Companion😊

Do you live far from your elderly parents? Do you look after your children or have a full time job? If you are struggling to provide adequate support for your elderly loved ones, speak to us. Heavenly can help find you a live in Elderly Carer Companion for the elderly person or persons you are looking after.