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by Gill_admin.

Tips for a great CV when applying for Nanny Jobs

What is a CV and why is it important?

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Your CV (Curriculum Vitae), or ‘résumé’, is a short synopsis of what you have done in your life in terms of work, skills and relevant experiences.

It is a snapshot of and where this has put you in this stage of your ‘chosen’ career. I say ‘chosen’, as you may be considering a change of career into a new direction.

It gives your future employer a quick overview of your experience, skills and achievements. From your CV, they can begin to evaluate you as a possible candidate for the role they are looking to fill.  Whereas it is OK to include qualifications, skills and experience gained in non-related areas, it is key to write your CV for the sector you are applying for work in.

Important points to consider when writing your own CV

Recruiters and families may spend just a few seconds looking at your CV before they make a judgement on whether to move forward with your application. It is important to remember that your CV will determine whether you even get invited for an interview.

  • Double check for spelling and grammatical mistakes. If you are unsure, ask someone to check over it.
  • Avoid including your date of birth.
  • Avoid fancy fonts or borders and images. Keep it clear and simple.
  • Be prepared to explain any gaps in your work history and why you left each role.
  • Keep your personal statement/summary brief. Do not ramble on here. Recruiters/families often do not read into this closely.
  • Try to include your childcare (or other relevant) references, and at the bottom of your CV. Make it clear that they are “Childcare references”. Remember these can just be contact details. Make sure you have your referee’s permission first!
  • Make your CV match the job you are applying for. Read the requirements of the position and then consider if you need to highlight a specific skill more and another less. To get an idea of what families are looking for, check our Nannies page.
  • Include any relevant childcare qualifications. Neatly arrange this somewhere after your job history or before. For example:


  • First Aid qualification [insert date obtained].
  • Cache Level 3 diploma in Childcare and Education [insert date obtained].
  • NVQ Level 3 Childcare and Education [insert date obtained].

Put your work history onto your CV

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  • Start with your most recent position – i.e. reverse chronological order.
  • Lay out your work history as clearly as possible. Space them out well so it’s EASY to scan through and get an idea of the jobs you’ve had.
  • Include a list of duties for each role. Do not assume the person reading your CV will know what you did. List duties/responsibilities for each role you’ve had. Do not go into detailed descriptions of what you did for each position. Include only what’s relevant and things that will really showcase your skills/childcare experience.

For example:
[Job title held e.g. “Nanny”] [Duration of the job]
[Private household – location – do not include full address – the town/city is fine]

  • Cared for [however many] children aged [insert ages]. [Include if it was a sole charge role].
  • Baby duties – bottle feeding, nappy changing, creating a sleep routine, taking to baby playgroups.
  • School/nursery drop off and pick-ups, organising age-appropriate activities, organising and supervising playdates, planning and cooking healthy meals, bath time routine, reading and helping with homework, babysitting when required, taking to after school activities, ensuring the children were prepped for school trips and other activities.
  • Housekeeping duties – cleaning, laundry [for the family/children?], ironing [for the family/children?] etc.
  • Other responsibilities – [dog walking? Gift buying? Organising parties? Dropping off dry cleaning? Booking family travel? Communicating all school notices to parents Etc.]

A good CV is critical to getting you to the interviews you want and is the first step in clinching great new job. This is something you must invest time and if necessary, money in. If you feel you need more bespoke guidance you can book a consultation with one of Heavenly Nannies’ CV Writing Specialists.

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