Flights and Insurance

Why book your flights and insurance with the Heavenly Au Pairs travel team?

Girl wanting at an airport for her flight holding a cup of coffee and wearing a backpack and sunglassesSo you’ve been successful in your application and you’re off on your next adventure. Next step is booking your flights and insurance. Then you’re out of here! But before you start scanning the web, here’s a few reasons you should come direct to our travel team, powered by STA Travel.

  • This team know your program requirements inside and out and already have the preferred routes selected
  • The team are equipped in booking extra baggage and family & friends flights
  • Excellent discounts on post placement travel
  • Exclusive flight discounts you won’t find anywhere else
  • Working Holiday Visas (Australia and New Zealand)

To book travel call +44 333 321 3102 or fill out the enquiry form below

Alternatively you can email or
Rachel at Heavenly Travel Team

Save while you’re away

One of the best things about being a student is the discounts and that shouldn’t change when you’re taking some time out of the country. Heavenly Au Pairs and STA Travel have joined forces to offer you the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) which gives you thousands of travel, online and lifestyle discounts in over 133 countries worldwide.

The perfect partner for your trip is just £12 and reusable at home.

To find out more about the card, or speak to a member of the team call +44 333 321 3102 or email on

Travel insurance

Once you have your flights in place, it’s time to look at insurance. As an Au Pair you’ll need comprehensive, long-term cover. If the web is baffling you, speak to our travel team about the best rates for your stay. It pays to have peace of mind!

If you are coming to be an Au Pair in the UK, you can buy comprehensive travel insurance using this link

If you are LEAVING the UK, speak with our travel team at STA about their travel insurance options:


The what pass? You won’t have heard of it, because no one else has it! If you’re looking to travel after your placement but not ready to commit then you’ll need a MultiFLEX pass. Airlines charge fees for date changes, buying a MultiFLEX pass means you won’t have to pay these to make a change. Still confused? Watch the STA Travel video then give our  dedicated Travel team a call on 0333 321 3102 to get yours today!

To get your personalised quote please call on –  +44 333 321 3102

or email the travel team at  –