Ana: “My experience as an Elderly Companion with Heavenly”

by Gill_admin.

Review from a happy Elderly Carer Companion about Heavenly’s service for jobseekers.

By Ana V. from Spain. January 2019.

“I have been working for a few years as an elderly companion in United Kingdom with two families.

The agency Heavenly Au Pairs and Nannies found me both positions to work.

Spanish Elderly Carer Companion

I think it is the best way to find a job in another country because the agency has given me all the support and advice every time I needed.

 So that is really important when you living abroad, far away from your family and friends.  Everything is new and sometimes you do not feel enough confident.

I feel really grateful to Heavenly Au Pairs and Nannies.

I highly recommend count on their services.” 

Thank you, Ana, for the lovely review about finding an Elderly Carer Companion position with Heavenly! We appreciate your kind words!

Heavenly strives to make happy matches between job seekers and families/ employers. We are here to help, from preparing a CV, having a successful interview, through to negotiating a contract. Once placed, you can count on us to guide you too.

Have any questions? Fire away! Our years of experience mean that we have encountered just about every situation possible. If we cannot answer, we can point you in the direction of someone who can.

Check our current positions today to see if there is something there for you!

Want to know more about Heavenly’s service, the Heavenly Elderly Carer Companion programme or apply to have a Elderly Companion in your home? Follow the links or contact us today.